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We are Tinybee and this is our tiny story

Tinybee is a youthful tiny house company based in Northern Europe, Lithuania. The company of two, with many passions but one idea/vision.

The feeling of having a possibility to live wild and free is magical.

Coming from a desire and passion to live in harmony with nature, our tiny houses are developed sustainably and has a minimalistic design that are built to last forever.

Tiny, but super comfortable and fully equipped house on wheels will let you live your dream in places you want, all year around.

We offer you to find yourself in simplicity and freedom, we offer you our Tinybee houses.

Living on a boat and sailing in the seas inspired Edgaras to create a sustainable, minimalistic, MULTIFUNCTIONAL & eco-friendly living space. 

Co-Founder Edgaras – entrepreneur, skipper, passionate fan of extreme sports and a professional in wind & solar energy is sure – cozy tiny house should certainly be environmentally friendly and be able to use renewable energy efficiently.

Co-Founder Vytis – entrepreneur, managing few different businesses. Doing his best at things he knows best!

Experienced skipper, explorer and surfer on his free time lives in his own Tiny house on the lake. 

Inspired by simplicity, minimalism and nature decided to collaborate and build the next level Tiny house.

OUR Mission

Service with a mission

Tinybee hospitality concept reflects our values and vision of future housing and accommodation.

We are working in idea of creating a self-sufficient, mobile, eco-friendly and sustainable tiny houses that are inspired by passion and love for nature.

Our mission is to decarbonize accommodation sector and become conscious growing business in community.


Sustainability Goals

Our values reflect the universal sustainable economy goals: zero carbon, minimizing the space we use while also eliminating waste in households, climate positive economy principles.

Tinybee houses require minimal resources from outside, are self-sufficient, mobile, built from ecological materials and are accompanied with smart technological solutions.


How we are aiming to achieve it?


Our tiny houses can be placed wherever there is a need to do so – you could settle for holidays near the seaside or a lake,  possibly work remotely in the outskirts of the forest or enjoy your time in urban places of any city.

Small house - big life