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Frequently Asked Questions

Lets talk about your dream house! After exploring the Tinybee, drop us a line at and we will answer all your questions on a virtual coffee date 😉

Yes, our tiny is super insulated and ready for winter. It has heated floor in all the house, a space for radiator for extra warmth. For maximum coziness there is an option to install a cast iron fireplace.

We offer additional service, such as delivery the tinyhouse to your chosen remote place. If you would like to tow the house yourself, SUV would be the best option to do so.

Please reach out to and we will set up tailor made logistical solution to any part of the world 😉 

Yes, we have plenty solutions for remote places with off-grid lifestyle. Let’s talk at

Production time is approx 3-4 months from start of to finish.

Absolutely! Visit us in Vilnius, Lithuania and we will show you your next tinyhouse!

Tinybee production is based in Northern Baltic region, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Now we are offering one type modern shape model with custom made solutions with fully equipped setting. For the current model, with heated floors, household appliances (electric stove, dishwasher, washing machine) from Electrolux, custom made handcrafted furniture & stairs, off-grid toilet, shower designed for two, LED lights, electric boiler, installed security alarm please reach out to for price indication.

We have partnerships with few banks for the financing possibilities of the tinyhouse. 

We have few options, plug-in water connection or water pump inside tinyhouse. Depends what would you prefer to have. We are open for discussions and tailor-made solutions.

We have few options, plug-in connection, or solar panels. Depends what you would prefer to have. We are open for discussion and tailor-made solutions.

Small house - big life